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  • 15.00

    The Belle Backcomb is the perfect brush for backcombing your hair. Achieve height and volume
    with carefully designed double length bristles with five lines of teeth, without damage or
    The Belle Backcomb, unlike other backcombing brushes, uses flexible bristles as opposed to the
    standard boar bristle which can sometimes be too rough for the backcombing process.
    We recommend backcombing with The Belle Backcomb and smoothing with The Belle Brush
    Original to give you a smooth, styled finish.

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  • 19.99

    Introducing The Baby Belle! This professional three-in-one brush is the perfect detangling brush for those with fine hair, and children with sensitive scalps. Our flagship brush has been newly redesigned with a travelfriendly size and flexible brush head for even gentler detangling and styling than ever before. No
    longer will you have to buy several brushes to style your hair. The Baby Belle does it all.
    The secret? Innovative design. Long, flexible nylon bristles glide through the hair down from the
    roots without pulling or tugging, while short bristles polish the top surface and distribute natural
    oils down to the tip for shiny, healthy, frizz-free hair. The flexible brush head curves to the
    contours of your head for gentle yet effective detangling without scalp pain or wrist strain —
    perfect for quick, thorough brushing that gets every single hair down to the tips without any pain
    or fuss.
    Maintaining your hair has never been easier. Say goodbye to matted hair, painful brushing, hair
    fallout, or damaged extensions. Anyone with scalp sensitivity issues will love this brush. Even
    people with psoriasis will finally breathe a sigh of relief with The Baby Belle at their side.
    It’s the same great brush as The Original Belle Brush, now in a smaller, more convenient size for
    travel. At just 22x5cm, it is the ideal travel hair brush to put in your handbag, car, or whenever
    you’re on the go. Take this brush with you anywhere you go, for beautiful hair, anytime.

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  • 24.99

    Softened bristles move with your hair to avoid pulling & tugging, making The Belle Brush perfect
    for extensions, curly hair and fussy little ones.
    The only hair extension brush you will ever need.
    The Belle Brush is a hair extension brush suitable for all hair extension types. From beads to bonds
    and glue to clip ins, The Belle Brush has you covered. Soft nylon bristles glide through your roots to
    prevent matting, without pulling on your extensions, while shorter bristles distribute natural hair oils
    from the root down to the tip to prevent dry, frizzy ends.
    Large vents at the back of the brush allow air to flow through the hair evenly when drying, reducing
    heat damage while significantly cutting down your blow drying time.
    While The Belle Brush is the perfect hair extension brush, it is also amazing for people without

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